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First of all choose the Focus keyphrase for the article SEO. ( This is not your anchor text )
Include your chosen keyword in the Title and in the Meta description.
The title needs to be 40-60 characters long.
The article should have a minimum length of 1050 words.
Do write an awesome and eye-catching Meta description. Word Limit: 130-156 characters.
Have a minimum of 2-3 H2 headings. H3 sub-headings are recommended.
Wherever possible, add relevant links from our internal resources.
The article should be free from all grammatical errors and should be well researched.
The content should be free of plagiarism.
Please do not use any slang words, short forms, or buzzwords in your content.
The content should be original, clear, well-written, helpful, informative, data-driven, and should be backed by examples wherever possible.
Please add royalty-free images and infographics wherever necessary and possible to support the content.
Add one feature image at the top of the content.
We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject an article if it does not meet the required standards